Day 19 | Back to reality âœŒ

I’ve definitely come down from the post-birth, adrenaline wave I was riding for a few days there and while the change has brought up a load of new, unexpected, BIG feels about life with a baby, it’s important to remember that when it’s good it’s so good.

Like this glorious morning at Florence Park. We soaked up some sunshine. Had some cuddles. Breastfed in the park and was actually totally fine feeling fresh air on and a passer-by’s glance at my nips.

Oh, and the sleep is slowly, slowly getting there. That helps 😴

So, even though the hormonal high has levelled out and I am starting to feel less like a radically evolved version of myself (seriously, there were a few days there when I thought I’d properly ascended and become Athena 🙏) now I am feeling calmer and I’m realising that I’m still me… I’m just a bit more tired but a bit more full in my heart.


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