Day 9 | What’s in a name? 💭

Hello from inside the depths of the ‘three am feed’ vault 👋

A few people have asked us about the origin and reason for Augie’s name. It feels very powerful to share the story behind a name. If you have read Patrick Rothfuss’ ‘The Name of the Wind’ (if you haven’t then stop what you’re doing, buy it right now and embark on a wonderful, rollicking fantasy adventure!) then you will know that knowing someone’s true name is a very key theme to the story. But unlike Rothfuss’ world, the sharing of a name here doesn’t feel like it is giving the power away but rather sharing the love, joy and serendipity.

My partner Robbie and I liked the name August a long time ago. But in April 2018 we were flicking through a family history album at my grandfather’s house and I noticed the name in my lineage. Turns out my great, great grandfather was August Hartmann, who was a first generation German-Australian born in the late 19th century. I’d never ‘heard’, like all ignorant grandchildren, Papa talk about his grandfather, which is strange because my Papa loves nothing more than talking about his interest in his German heritage, so no doubt August’s name just didn’t filter through my distraction static.

Around the same time we scoured back over a family tree Robbie had made for his sister for her birthday a few months earlier, and sure enough we saw the name Auguste; his great grandmother was Cäcilie Ella Elisabeth Alexandra Auguste Trützschler Von Falkenstein (the most epic, show-stopping name) born 1906 in pre-war Germany.

We fell pregnant a little after learning these things and very quickly became set on naming our baby August (Augie). Many discussions were had on whether or not to drop the ‘e’.

Also, Robbie was born in August and suggested a load of Roman Empire names but Flavius Octavius Oppenheimer just felt a little bit dated.

Today we ventured out as a family for the first time. Two proud and tired parents with their little Roman Emperor ❤

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