40 + 5 | What I found in old diaries πŸ“š

Most certainly in the nesting stage of this pregnancy – now 40 weeks and 5 days – I have struggled with restlessness and irritability these past few days. We place so much emphasis upon the due date, arbitrarily imposed, and no doubt the anticipation creates some kind of bodily block. Whatever the preventative, our baby is happy, taking their time to bridge their watery world and that which awaits them outside.

I awoke with no discernible nesting instinct but a need to clean our kitchen and living room. Along the way, I found some old diaries, mostly brimming with ranty divulgences and nonsense gushing. However, I did find a reflective piece from 2nd January 2018, little more than a year ago, and I found the words significant and reinvigorating.

So I’m lifting the list of actions and conclusions from my 2017-2018 reflections and sharing them here as both a reminder to myself and to anyone reading this blog that these simple actions – either daily or weekly undertaken – help me chart the right kind of course. Maybe there are some takeaways for others in here too.

  1. Saying no is actually ok, and is self-caring
  2. Getting good sleep is a GOOD thing.
  3. Carving out space just for yourself each week, like a Sunday run or walk at 3pm, always sets your week up the right way.
  4. Making things by hand – whether on the sewing machine or knitting or crafting – makes you very happy.
  5. Playing piano is a true treasure and calms you down.
  6. Meditation / quiet time without a phone, contributes to a generally quieter mind.
  7. Keeping in contact with people who love you renews your hope and joy.
  8. While point 2 (good sleep) is important, don’t always privilege that over a weekday evening social event: have fun and enjoy what’s on offer.
  9. You’re fortunate that food is a choice, and for some people it’s a political act; give a shit about the where and the what of your food choices.
  10. Team sport continues to make you extremely happy and is an opportunity to completely lose yourself in the moment.
  11. Expect less of everyone in a kind way.
  12. You are privileged. Open yourself up to new ways of viewing the world.
  13. Being politically engaged with purpose is sexy.
  14. Hold hands and hug your friends.
  15. Interesting conversations are just an ice-breaker away; don’t give too much time to the template conversations. Shake it up!
  16. Stretching after exercise is important.
  17. Get rejected! Stop avoiding failure at all costs. As a mother, failure and rejection is going to be inevitable, so you might as well get used to it!
  18. Writing is empowering and calming. Do it when it feels good.

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